WorldWide Telescope Kiosk

Explore Your Universe at Harvard

A new interactive touchscreen kiosk is being installed in the Harvard Science Center lobby. The kiosk is set up to run WorldWide Telescope Tours that highlight content relevant to research and teaching at Harvard University. Our goal is to increase Harvard students' awareness of both: 1) Astronomy's contribution to science and humanity's understanding of the Universe overall and 2) course content and student research offerings relevant to Astronomy, Earth & Planetary Science, and History of Science at Harvard. Here is the web version (not interactive) of the kiosk. Visit the kiosk in Science Center Lobby, right opposite the Cafe, to explore the interactive tours.

The WorldWide Telescope Kiosk project was funded by a Spark grant from the Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching to Prof. Alyssa Goodman, Prof. Edo Berger, Prof. John Johnson, Prof. Robert Kirshner, Prof. Alicia Soderberg, Prof. Dimitra Sasselov, Dr. Pat Udomprasert.

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